My skills and experience make me a commanding asset in all stages of a motion design project--from concept to delivery. I speak fluent Creative Director, Producer, Editor and CG or VFX Artist. I can do concept/design work or crank out design boards on a pitch, or I can execute motion graphics based on a vision you've already laid out with your client. My core design and motion graphic skills involve a commanding knowledge of all things Adobe Creative Cloud and Cinema 4d as well as experience with all the relevant plugins that abound. My design/motion skills seamlessly integrate with various CGI data exchange formats, camera tracking and compositing and can serve as a major asset on your cgi heavy or live-action vfx projects.






2012 - 2014 BicMedia - KCMO Director of Design and Animation

My family moved to KC in the summer of 2012 and I accepted a position at BicMedia as Director of Design and Animation. I became BicMedia's sole internal resource for the design and execution of motion graphics, print and logo projects for various broadcast, agency and corporate clients, on projects at both a local and a national level.


2010 - 2012 Spontaneous - NYC Lead Designer/Animator

I made a seamless leap to work as right-hand man to Spontaneous Creative Director John Leamy when PURE studios closed in the summer of 2010. We executed great design, CG and live-action into amazing motion graphic solutions for a number of top-name clients. I managed a stable of staff and freelance After Effects animators/designers while closely coordinating with Spon's CGI and Inferno components to deliver high-end motion graphics for Television and Film including main titles, packaging, commercials and promos.


2006 - 2010 PURE - NYC Lead After Effects Animator

In 2006 PURE offered me the job of Lead After Effects Animator. Besides managing staff and freelance After Effects resources, I now had the opportunity to apply my accumulated skills to a broad spectrum of work. PURE was landing high-end work in the commercial and entertainment markets and was home to many talented CG, AE and Inferno artist. Work-flow was highly integrated across the groups, with creative and unique solutions being derived on nearly every project. In 2008 the PURE team of Johanna Cokefair, Wendy Brovetto and Bryan Keeling was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for "Outstanding Main Title Design" for their work on the titles for Fox's, New Amsterdam.

2004 - 2006 TVLAND - NYC Senior After Effects Animator - permalance

Freelance work settled-in to an extended "permalance" slot with the great, in-house design team at the TVLAND network. During this time I had the chance to do a lot of great promo and packaging projects, including work for some of the early TVLAND "originals" which have now become the main staple of the network.

2001 - 2004 Freelance - NYC Senior After Effects Animator, contracted

The chance to broaden my client base came when I first went feelance. This presented me the opportunity to work on a wide variety of jobs, beyond just the commercial sphere. During this time I did a lot of promo and packaging, title work and the odd industrial project. I had the chance to work at numerous NYC facilities, studios and networks such as Anatomy, Imaginary Forces, Razorfish, Pyburn Films, RhinoFX, Beehive, OPEN, VH1 and TVLAND.

1999 - 2001 Spontaneous - NYC After Effects Animator
Session-based After Effects Animator

I accepted my first senior animator position at Spontaneous Combustion, where I worked with Inferno artists Tony Robbins, David Elkins, Adam Gascoyne and CGI artist Sam Dewitt. During this time I actually worked as a session artist, with my own client suite. I worked with commercial clients, networks and designers and learned how to work under the pressure of client attendance.

1995 - 1999 Pittard Sullivan - Los Angeles Production Assistant
Interactive Media Artist
Junior After Effects Animator

I worked my way up through the ranks at Pittard Sullivan. Prior to gravitating to design and motion graphics work I woked in the Interactive sphere doing website design and animation, as well as cd-rom and touchscreen projects. Pittard Sullivan was a leader in branding, packaging and main titles in the mid-to-late-nineties and was home to some of the best broadcast designers in the world. I've continued to work with many of these industry peers over the years. The creative directors at PURE, Aaron King and Johanna Cokefair were both Pittard Sullivan alumni.